Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sapphires are a Girls' Best Friend

So, I know that things have been pretty quiet around here.  A couple of reasons.  First and foremost - working mom stuff.  Despite work getting busy, mommy duties don't seem to go away so time becomes pretty precious.  And secondly (and probably the real reason) - I've recently become obsessed (and I think that probably deserves a capital "O") with scrapbooking.  Gasp.  I know - most of you might be snickering, rolling your eyes, or cheering is support.  But it's true.  I think I almost be...getting be becoming a self-identified scrapper.  Sigh...

I've found a lot of inspiration and support from Scrapbook Steals.  It's an awesome daily deal site (think groupon for scrapbook supplies) that also posts weekly challenges and sketches.  I'm hooked.

I've completed ten (yes...TEN) challenges now and am officially a part of their Sapphire Club.  No, I sadly don't get any jewels or elaborate prizes.  But it does mean I'm THIS MUCH CLOSER to finishing Charlotte's first year scrapbook album.

So snicker if you must, but I'm gonna share my ten pages (and the inspiration sketches) regardless cause ultimately I love the memories they share.  Enjoy!

MWM #31 -Mel in San Diego

MWM #32 - October Fashion Show

MWM #33 - First Christmas

 MWM #34 -Seven Months

MW #35 -  Little Girl

MWM #36 - Baby Mine

MWM #37 -Home Away From Home

MWM #38 - Sleeping like a Strawbaby

MWM #39 - Santa Claus is Scary

MWM #40 - Kilauea Lighthouse

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