Monday, January 24, 2011

Tardy, Belated...grr...just LATE!

Is it seriously already the end of January?  Is Charlotte almost 13 months old?  Did I just download December 2010 photos in January 2011?!?!?  Sigh sigh.  I suppose some things never change.  I was always late to Calculus class.  I suppose I'll always be late to blog as well.

Okay, Christmas 2010.  Charlotte's first Christmas.

She helped me wrap presents throughout December.  She especially loved the ribbon.

She met Santa Claus.  Yes, I know I posted a photo of her and Mr. Claus before.  But you'll love this one.  Charlotte absolutely adored him.  Just look at that big smile.

And of course we had a Christmas tree, complete with Charlotte's first ornament (see bottom right corner).

Finally, here are some photos of Charlotte enjoying those presents on Christmas morning!

So from our family to yours, we hope you all had a very Happy Holidays and are enjoying the joyous (and if you live in San Diego) amazingly warm and sunny New Year!!!


  1. I love your comment about always being late to calculus class and now being late to blog. That pretty much sums up my life as well! :) I just started using Google Reader (five minutes ago) and added you to my list!

  2. Google reader is fabulous! And your blog is on mine too!!! Better late than never, right???


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