Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yale, this is Charlotte. Charlotte, this is Yale.

This past weekend, we drove down to New Haven for the annual Yale-Harvard football game.  While we never actually watched the football game, we did find some tasty food at the Siliman College tailgate. 

We also quickly realized that there were absolutely no children around.  So we headed across the street towards the stadium.  There, we saw Handsome Dan and took a quick photo.

The rest of our afternoon was spent visiting my old favorite spots around campus and taking A LOT of photos of Charlotte.  Here we are on the shuttle back to campus from the football stadium. Charlotte loves singing "Wheels on the Bus" so this was definitely a treat for her.

Here she is sitting on a bench right outside of Welch Hall on Old Campus (my freshman dorm). 

Charlotte loved playing in the leaves in Old Campus.  At one point, they came right up to her knees! 

For lunch, we ate at the Ivy Noodle.  Henry, Mel and I would go here all the time for scallion pancakes and pan fried dumplings.  Sadly, the food was far from the deliciousness that I remembered.  But Charlotte enjoyed getting out of the cold for just a bit.

Our next stop was Morse College, my residential college.  It was renovated since I was there but still felt like home.

We briefly stopped by Cross Campus before walking along Wall Street, across Swing Space and then back to our car behind the Payne Whitney Gym.

And now, if you ask Charlotte what her favorite college is, she'll point to the Y.  Cause, yes, that would be Yale.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


  1. I love this pics of Charlotte!! She sure does seem at home at Yale, and especially in Morse. :) Btw, Henry is honored to be mentioned in your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love that last picture!! She is too sweet. Looks like FUN!


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