Saturday, November 3, 2012

Favorite Photos of June 2012

I was surprised how difficult it was for me to find twelve photos from June 2012 that I absolutely adored.  Maybe it was because Charlotte and I were in our "routine" without Justin or that I was back at work and she was in school most of the week.  But there is some comfort knowing that June, for the most part, was pretty boring and "normal."

So here they are, the favorite photos of June 2012 completely unedited.

We are living at my parent's house during our little 6 month stopover in San Diego. This is my mom frying up some fish outside.  My mom is the best cook ever and Charlotte and I both LOVE eating everything she makes!
My little brother was living at home as well.  (He has since moved out.)  But it was so nice having him around to play with Charlotte and give me a break every once in awhile.  Little brothers are the best!

It seems like every Navy wife I know has a husband on deployment.  So here is Charlotte with J and L whose dad was also on deployment at the time.  Charlotte absolutely loves playing with those two!

Here is a shot of all three kids in front of the San Diego Zoo.

Charlotte with her cousins at Chuck-e-Cheese.  That place is insane!
I love this photo of Charlotte relaxing in the play structure outside of the San Diego Children's Museum with my sister in the background.  My sister is amazing.  I think I would go crazy without her.  She makes life a lot less lonely with Justin gone.

Charlotte sleeping in her big girl bed.  With the whole family sleeping in one room right now (since everything is on it's way to Hawaii as we speak), I'm really starting to miss that big girl bed.  :)

Charlotte riding her tricycle after school.  I love this photo.  I love this little girl.  

Charlotte posing with a father's day card I made for Justin's dad. We met up with him, Debra, and Uncle Adam later that night for dinner at C Level.  Lobster mac 'n cheese.  Mmmmm...
At the end of the month, Charlotte and I flew out to Virginia to spend a week with Justin. We had a red eye and Charlotte only slept about 4 hours total.  But that didn't stop her from soaking every single moment with Justin.  Here they are reading  in bed together.

Charlotte is all smiles while Justin puts on her lotion.  And she HATES putting on lotion.

And she is still giggling while Justin combs her hair.  
As always, thanks for stopping by!

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