Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Xyron and Tet - the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

For this month's tutorial with Xyron, I wanted to make something to help my kids celebrate and learn about Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.  Tet was always my favorite holiday of the year and it represented an opportunity start with a clean slate and with good luck on your side.

Amidst the red envelopes of lucky money and delicious food, one of my favorite activities during Tet was a game called Lac Bau Cua, literally meaning Shake the Gourd and Crab.  Basically, Lac Bau Cua is a simplistic version of Craps with six different animals (instead of numbers).  Here's a good you tube video I found that shows how the game is played.

TUTORIAL: LAC BAU CUA (Vietnamese New Year Game)

For today's project I wanted to create an updated Lac Bau Cua game board using animals from the zodiac calendar instead of the traditional crab, gourd and deer.  I also wanted to make something that would stand up to my little kids.

Supplies.  Xyron Creatopia (Protectz Laminate Cartridge); Xyron 1.5" Create-a-Sticker Maker; Cardstock (American Crafts); Gold Foil (Silhouette America); Binder Clips (Office Max); Sanding Block (Core'dinations); Unfinished Wood Blocks; Silhouette Cameo; WRMK Crop-a-dile; Fiskars Paper Trimmer.

1.  Cut Game Board Panels.  Start with 2 sheets of red 12" x 12" cardstock.  Using a paper trimmer, cut down six squares sized at 6" x 6".

2.  Cut Out Animal Silhouettes.  To embellish my game board pieces, cut out animal silhouettes from the gold foil paper.  I sized the animal images at about 4".  I used these images of animals and traced and cut them using my Silhouette Cameo.  And since I don't want to waste the paper, I went ahead and cut a bunch of hearts in all the extra spaces of the paper.

3.  Create the Game Panels.  Adhere one animal image to each cardstock square.  Then laminate each game panel using the Xyron Creatopia (Protectz laminate panel).

Trim the plastic around the panel, leaving about 1/8" around the cardstock.

Using the WRMK crop-a-dile, punch a hole along each edge of the game panel.  Then connect the panels together by threading mini binder clips through the holes you just punched.

4.  Create Game Dice.  In lac bau cua, you roll three dice with images of the animals to determine who is the winner.  To make the game dice, I used unfinished wood blocks.  I cut red cardstock squares to cover the came blocks.

Run the cardstock squares through the Xyron 1.5" Create-a-Sticker and place a square on each face of the block.

Sand all the edges of the block down.  I used the core'dinations sanding block and it works amazingly well!

Cut out scaled down images of the animals used in the larger game pieces from the gold foil.  Then adhere those onto the covered wood blocks.

Then viola, you have a durable and fold-able lac bau cua board complete with matching dice!

Wishing everyone health and happiness this new year.  As always, mahalo for stopping by!


  1. What a very neat idea -- it would be fun to make different ones for each of our different nationality friends -- great birthday gift or christmas present

  2. Van, this is fantastic! What a fun game for your kiddos! You are a crafty genius.


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