Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Laughs

I love the weekends. I get to spend all day playing with Charlotte and figuring out what makes her smile and laugh. It might be peek-a-boo one day and squats the next. Here's a great video of her laugh at its best while daddy gets an excellent workout.

This weekend was great. Justin came home from a work trip on Friday night so Charlotte and I picked him up from the airport. Then we went straight to the Hotel del Coronado for some wine and cheese with some good friends. By the time we got home, Charlotte was ready for sleep.

Today, we hosted a little BBQ at our house for family and friends in the neighborhood. We made beef, buffalo, elk and portabello mushroom burgers; grilled veggie couscous with a black olive vinaigrette; grilled eggplant and tomatoes with basil and Parmesan cheese; raspberry lemonade; and warm strawberry crisp with whipped cream. Yum! Afterwards, we headed to my big brother's house for a swim party and even more food! Oh my goodness...belly very full...

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