Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adventures in Balboa Park

Charlotte is growing up so fast! She's now wearing 6-12 month clothes and weighs 16.5 pounds! I think she's about 1-2 weeks away from sitting upright all on her own; I'll be sure to get photos of that when she finally does!

This past Saturday, the family went out to Balboa Park for the afternoon. It's been a pretty dreary July in San Diego. Actually, it was the coldest July in 77 years (with an average temperature of 66 degrees)! But thankfully the sun was shining during our little excursion.

Balboa Park was beautiful and just buzzing with families wandering around the different gardens, museums and art villages. We stopped by the Japanese Friendship Garden, Botanical Building, Spanish Village Art Center, and the giant fountain between the science and natural history museums. It was also nice to just wander around without an agenda and have Charlotte take everything in.

Sugar snap peas growing in the Japanese Friendship Garden!

Charlotte and Daddy next to the lily pond outside of the Botanical Building.

Mommy and Charlotte next to the big fountain in Balboa Park.

I adore San Diego and it's days that this that make me appreciate being back home after all these years. Hopefully Charlotte will appreciate it one day as well.


  1. Not to be a buzz kill, but those are the seed pods of the wysteria plant, not sugar snap peas. It'd be much cooler if they had edible plantings though!

    She's getting so big! I can't wait to meet her!

  2. Are you serious?!?! Aw, now I'm super sad. I totally though those were sugar snap peas and told Justin I wanted to plant them in our backyard - pretty and edible! But I can always rely on you my favorite agriculturalist!!! Miss you guys! Coming out west any time soon???


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