Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Duckie Duckie Quack Quack

How it is already November?  How do I not have my Thanksgiving menu already planned out?  How have I not posted any photos of Charlotte in her Halloween costume?!?!

So Charlotte actually went through two costumes.  I bought her this cow costume about 2 months too early and one size too small.  However, this photo does hang outside my office door while I'm pumping at work.  (Thanks, Ms. Becky!)

So then I got Charlotte this little duckie costume which she proceeded to wear mutliple times throughout the month of October. 

She wore it at the pumpkin patch at Nates Butt...I mean Bates Nut Farm.  :)

She wore it at home, just hanging out and crawling around.

She wore it to work...well, my work, for office trick-or-treating.

She wore it to a super awesome Halloween birthday party at My Gym (which was amazing, by the way).

She wore it trick-or-treating in Coronado with the Grandparents.

Overall, I think she got some pretty good use out of that duckie costume.  What should she be next year???

 << quack quack >>

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  1. Gaaah, so cute! I have a feeling our comments on each other's blogs will be similar for a long time. :)


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