Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mahalo Days

There is so much to do this December.  Christmas cards to mail out, presents to wrap, cookies to bake, parties to plan!  But before I get ahead of myself, I must share some memories from November!

The family spent a lovely holiday in Kauai to just get away from it all.

Charlotte and Daddy did some surfing...kindove...

We ate shave ice from JoJo's (seriously the best of the island).
Charlotte hung out at the beach.

Charlotte laughed at all the roosters (Mommy was born in the year of the rooster).  :)

And we went on some pretty long hikes.

Then there was Thanksgiving, with about 22 people total.  Needless to say, there was a lot of food and not many leftovers.  On Friday, after Justin finished some Black Friday shopping, his Uncle Eric and Cousin DJ came down from LA to visit. 

Charlotte's thinking - there are WAY too many men here...
Cousin DJ played with Charlotte the entire time!
We all had a fantastic time sharing stories, catching up and just hanging out.  And I even got Cousin DJ to do some Cricut projects.  Check out the 3D house and robot we made!

But now, I think it's time to trim the tree, warm up some cider, and sing some Christmas carols.  It's now officially the holiday season!!!!!  So excited!


  1. awesome. love the photos. she couldn't be cuter :)

  2. Gorgeous!

    What lens do you use (specifically for the photo with Cousin DJ)?

  3. Jess, I use a fixed 50mm lens (nifty fifty). They're pretty cheap (around $100 for the slowest ones) but totally my favorite. It's my default now - perfect for portraits.

  4. Love the robot! I so have cricut envy. :)


  5. And cricut needs you. Thanks SO MUCH for coming over today! Had such a great time watching Charlotte play with Holyn! We must do it again soon!!!


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