Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Play Date.

I realized that after Charlotte decided to join our family, it became a bit harder to "hang out" with our friends.  More often than not, most of our friends were still staying up late, going out to nice dinners, dancing at the clubs.  (And in all honesty, these are things that I miss very much.)  But with a little baby in tow, these activities quickly disappeared from our calendar.

Enter mommy and daddy friends.  It just seemed easier to hang out with them.  I mean, they had little poopy, spitty and crying babies too.  I didn't feel bad when their kids threw food across the room.  So maybe they wouldn't judge me when Charlotte peed on the floor.  However, what I realized this past weekend is that even my non-mommy friends have an important role in playing and hanging out with Charlotte.  They provide Charlotte their undivided attention and love.  They work a little bit harder than most to make her smile.  They made unbelievable tuna salad.  And they are the most dear and fantastic friends. 

Here are some photos of our play date this weekend with Anne, Kelly and Jenn, my wonderful San Diego friends/ co-workers.  They spoil her to no end and make her giggle endlessly.  I love these girls.  I love them for loving Charlotte.


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