Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I know that a TON of blogs do a "Wordless Wednesday" feature.  They'll post a deep and meaningful photo with lots of natural light and contrast.  (I do enjoy them, by the way.)  Obviously, I have words in this post.  But I thought it was an appropriate title for my Charlotte update. 

Charlotte is eighteen months.  (How did that happen?!?!)  She is all caught up with other eighteen month old babies in height, weight, motor skills.  However, she is still lagging in the language department.  She can communicate.  She is very clear in letting us know what she wants - pointing, babbling, screaming very loudly.  But her articulation is just where a fourteen or fifteen month old baby would be.  She doesn't say any words (aside from "mama") or make any other hard constant sounds.  But I'm not terribly worried.  I think she will catch up when she's ready.  In the meantime, we've got hearing tests lined up, speech therapy sessions to attend (all under doctor's orders; I swear I'm not overreacting and being crazy mom).  I guess I should just enjoy the babble while I can.  When I can actually understand her, it might not be so cute anymore.  :)

Here's a video clip of her babbling away while sitting at a computer in Justin's office. 


  1. I hadn't developed appropriate language skills by 2 years. It turned out that my ears were blocked and I needed tubes. The point is, It had no lasting impact on my long term development (although John might argue differently). Every baby takes their own path to adulthood, right?

  2. Van....she is ADORABLE!!! and don't much as she babbles and as much as her mommy talks I think your in for a big talker soon!!!

  3. Libby, that's what happened to one of our friends as well. Charlotte's hearing test went fine. Her ear drums are apparently slow but she can hear just fine. I honestly think that she'll catch up whenever she is ready. But we have all these resources available to us so we might as well take advantage of them, right???

    Marcie, thanks for the lovely comment!! And you implying that I talk a lot?? Never!!

  4. she is too too cute! kk says HI BABY! lol

  5. She's adorable, Van! When my oldest was a baby, I used to compare her to her 7 month older cousin. He did everything earlier than she did and it worried me to all ends. I had to give that up quick because they all "get it" at their own pace. My youngest now does somethings well before her sister did and some things months after her sister did. As long as my youngest learns that drawing on the walls, furniture, clothes, carpet, etc. is NOT acceptable, I will feel that she is right on track. If not, she might be going to live with her grandparents. :)

  6. Lisa, Charlotte says hi back to KK. :)

    Christine, thanks for the reassuring words. It's so funny with just one. I can obsess over every little thing. What happens when there are more? Utter insanity? :)


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