Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Well, thankfully there is no snow on the ground.  But with a chill in the air and the Christmas lights twinkling in around the windows, it is definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas around our home.  

Some Christmas Crafts.  Here's a boxwood wreath I made for the front door.  It was the first time I have ever made a wreath out of real greenery and it was so amazingly fun and easy!

This is a paper string of lights and stockings I made for the fireplace.  Charlotte likes to point at hers and say "sock." 

We have also filled our days with lots of holiday activities, as directed by our advent calendar.  

December First.  I pulled out some green, red and while paint for Charlotte to make a holiday masterpiece.  She just LOVES to swirl the paint around.

December Second.  We went to Justin's school for a Christmas party.  They had a few arts and crafts tables for the kids, a TON of pizza, and Santa even dropped by for a brief visit to hand out early presents.  Here is Charlotte with her little toy dolly.

December Third.  The third day of December was especially busy.  We started the afternoon by attending a fantastic holiday fair hosted by the Newport Rotary Club down at Easton's Beach.  For just $5, the kids got to ride on the carousel, the mini train, decorate a sugar cookie, visit Santa, and play all the arts and crafts tables.  Charlotte had so much fun and just crashed when we got home. 



Afterwards, we celebrated a friend's first birthday in a perfectly pink and blue snowflake wonderland (complete with delicious homemade marshmallows)!  I was especially smitten that the mom (a super amazing crafter herself) used a banner I made for them.

December Fourth.  We visited Charlotte's school in the evening for their annual tree lighting and lantern walk.  It was really nice to see the other parents and just walk around the school ground.

Anyways, there is so much more to do this month.  I have a very long list of Christmas and birthday crafts to complete.  But to the extent I can muster the energy, I'll try to share the creations and photos with everyone.  



  1. <3 it all Van!!! Charlotte is growing up so much!!

  2. Hi! This is Bethany from Counterfeit Kit Challenge! Would you mind sending us an e-mail? We want to talk to you about something, but aren't sure how to contact you. Thanks!



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