Friday, January 4, 2013

Aloha Friday - The Waiting Game

Since we will be in Hawaii this entire year, I thought I'd try a new series called "Aloha Friday" where I give y'all a sneak into this island paradise lifestyle.  I promise to come up with a super cute header/ image for it soon.

And to kick things off, I sadly have nothing super glamorous to show you.  :)  We are still living at a friend's house and out of a series of suitcases.  I can't seem to find my card reader to upload photos.  In all honesty, I haven't taken too many photos anyways.  The weather, while warm, has been rainy and a bit gloomy.  Thankfully, the weather gods are telling me that sun is in store for this weekend.  But that doesn't keep me from being grateful for every single moment that our family is together.

Although there aren't any photos, here are some highlights from this week:

Charlotte playing on Lanikai Beach.  On the first day we arrived to our friend's house in Kailua, we took Charlotte to Lanikai Beach, which is just two blocks from the house.  She loved it.  Justin dug a huge hole for her.  We got her a bucket and shovel at the drug store.  She was one happy little beach baby.  Once the weather clears up, hopefully we can sneak in a few more beach days before moving to the other side of the island.

New Years fireworks over Kailua.  Benjamin woke up at 11:58 pm so I rocked him while watching the fireworks on our friend's balcony.  Justin and Charlotte woke up a few minutes later to catch the tail end of the show.  Really beautiful.

Dole Pineapple.  They are delicious.  Seriously.  Avoid the Maui Gold pineapples.  Dole is where it's at.

Poke.  Another awesome Hawaii delicacy.  Raw tuna mixed with deliciousness.  I have dreams about this stuff.

Asian Food.  And since we're talking about food, I love that there is Asian food EVERYWHERE in Hawaii - like I can get all my Asian food stuff at Target or Walmart.  In Rhode Island, I had to drive to freakin' Boston to get a bottle of Magi.  Here, I can get it the corner market.  Awesome.

As always, mahalo for stopping by!!!


  1. I like your stories, even w/o pictures! Give C. a squeeze for me. -EKZ

  2. I didn't know you were in RI before! From one ocean to the next!

  3. Wow! Rocking your little baby boy while watching fireworks sounds like the perfect way to be awakened in the middle of the night! Looking forward to your new blog feature!

  4. I soooo very much miss Dole pineapples!

  5. Aloha Friday sounds like a great idea! Happy that your settling in in HI!


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