Friday, June 14, 2013

Aloha Friday - Hikes and Hula Skirts

Aloha Friday, everyone!!!  Even though Justin is gone more these days, we still are able to sneak in some good ol' island fun.  I still can't believe we live in Hawaii!!!  So, as usual, here we go with mainly unedited photos and minimal commentary.  I'm sure Justin wishes he could ask for minimal commentary from me in real life.  :) 

1.  Honolulu Zoo - Military Appreciation Day.  Being from San Diego, I'm a bit of a zoo snob.  But the Honolulu Zoo is cheap and toddler friendly.  Recently, the zoo even offered free admission and a free lunch for all military members and their families.  It truly was such a nice event and the perfect way to spend an afternoon with the family.

Here's Benjamin trying some watermelon during our free lunch.

They had some acrobats performing on the lawn along with a bunch of vendor tents.

And since it was the zoo, there were some animals.  :)  Charlotte loves the giraffes!

2.  Turtle BeachSince my parents came to visit us recently, we revisited some old sites.  They're so beautiful though that it never seems to get old.  One our stop by Turtle Beach, there were a TON of turtles on the beach and in the water that morning!

3.  Makapu'u Lighthouse HikeI love this hike because you can push a jogging stroller the entire way up. 

And now it's my dad's turn to push.  :)

The views along the way and at the top of the point are also pretty spectacular.

And here I am with my mum.

4.  Paradise Cove LuauWe decided to try a different luau with my parents (we went to Germaine's with Justin's dad).  

Paradise Cove was more expensive and a more crowded.  However, there were so many activities to do before the dinner and actual show began.  There was an arts and crafts table where Charlotte made a hat and flower bracelet.

There were different games like spear throwing or bowling.  And after completing east game, Charlotte collected a little shell lei.

There were also a bunch of demonstrations like fish net throwing...

...coconut tree climbing...

...a short sunset hula show...

...and seeing them remove the kahlua pig from the oven.



And of course, there was the food and show. 

Charlotte just goes crazy over the luaus and is completely memorized watching the hula dances.  Good thing we have time for a few more luaus before we leave. 

5.  Bellows Air Force BeachI've heard so many people talk about Bellows and we finally made it out there over Memorial Day Weekend.  I think it might be my favorite beach on the island now.

6.  Pali Lookout.  This is right off the Pali Pass and the view is incredible. 

7.  Hawaii State Fair.  So if I can be brutally honest, there isn't much going on at the Hawaii State Fair.  Charlotte loves the over priced food but it's small.  However...admission to the circus show that is included in your $3 ticket is worth EVERY.SINGLE.PENNY.  Who knew there was so much talent in a tiny little traveling circus?!  Really spectacular.

8.  Manoa Falls.  You have to pay $5 to park right at the trail head and the hike itself has some amazingly muddy spots.  Beware.  Seriously.  Like, I fell on my butt and twisted my wrist pretty badly muddy.  But it's beautiful.

9.  Teddy Bear World.  And finally, I took the kids to Teddy Bear World the other day.  Can someone say, AWESOME!!!  This place is hilarious.  Just check out the photos.  Charlotte's favorite part of the museum was the Elvis Bear show at the end!

And on that note, I think this post has gotten long enough.  For those of you that made it to the end, BRAVO!!!  As always, mahalo for stopping by!!!


  1. I love your Aloha Friday posts Van! I use them as my guide on what places on the island I want to go. =) What am I going to do when you move?!?!

  2. It is so fascinating to see all of the amazing things you can do in Hawaii! You are a great photographer and story teller. And I LOVE the look on Charlotte's face in the picture of her and Justin riding the dragon/crocodile looking thing.

  3. You are so pretty! The photo of you and Charlotte on the merry-go-round is adorable! These photos are stunning. And you live there! Lucky you!! Another wonderful Aloha Friday these!


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