Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Picasso

In an attempt to overcome by fear of getting messy, I let Charlotte play with some paint (washable paint of course).  :)  She went to town painting on paper...

Notice the paint all over her toes and fingers.  :)

This is the final masterpiece (proudly hanging on the refrigerator).

And here is Charlotte painting her mini pumpkin.

And here she is the next morning (after the paint finally dried) holding her painted pumpkin while eating pumpkin pancakes.  :)

Hope everyone is staying warm and has a fabulous Halloween!!!


  1. Van you're so brave to let her use paint at this age! She's so cute! I love that Charlotte painted her pumpkin orange!

  2. Thanks, ladies! And Erica - crayola washable paint totally gives me strength to let her paint. :)


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