Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Shower Themes - Sweet Pea

As you all probably know by now, I love a good party.  I especially love a party when the effort of organizing, decorating, and hosting is shared with other amazingly talented and creative people.  

I have been blessed to meet and befriend some brilliant and beautiful women during our sabbatical here in Newport, Rhode Island.  They are Navy wives, nurses, teachers, moms, crafters, shoppers, entrepreneurs.  Many have put their careers on hold to follow and support their Naval officer husbands.  In short, they are just like me.  And I adore them to no end.

With two pregnant wives in our little group, it provided the perfect excuse to join forces and throw a Sweet Pea themed baby shower.  Here are the details...

Invitation.  Since one of the expecting moms is holding out to find out the baby's gender, we decided to go with a gender neutral theme.  Yellows and greens provided the perfect color scheme and this invitation I designed set the tone nicely.

Decorations.  I designed this "Two Peas, Two Pods" banner to mimic the same patterns and colors in the invitation.  It hung across the fireplace alongside some adorable ruffled streamers made by my super crafty friend, Autumn (owner of Beauty by the Sea).

Another crafty friend, Jessica (owner of Addie B Designs), made these super cut tissue paper pom poms that hung over the dining room and a ridiculously delicious spread of food...

Food.  Looking through these photos just make me hungry.  There were turkey sliders, cucumber sandwiches, dips, salads, palmiers, cake, cake pops...nom nom nom...

And here are the food labels I made to match the theme...hand stamped and hand colored.

And here are some photos of all the ladies filling our plates before sitting down for some wholesome gabbing, eating and drinking.  :)

Photography Note.  Please note that all the photos were taken by the amazingly talented Teresa Gunderson.  You can visit her blog here.  She is also a freelance photographer so if you're located in either Rhode Island or Norfolk, Virginia and want some awesome family, maternity, baby, or whatever photos, Teresa is definitely your person!

Project 100 Update:  95 down , 5 to go.

As always, thanks for stopping by!   

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  1. Love your theme - the pea cake pops are totally sweet! I'm thinking that April (baby) showers brings many lovely ladies joy! It's so funny because we're giving a shower and we chose green and yellow, too, since the "brand" of baby is a mystery! Our friend is having her fourth (the youngest is currently in 1st grade and the eldest in 7th) and she's in need of a serious updating and replenishing of her baby booty! Thanks so much for sharing the joy!


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