Monday, April 23, 2012

Favorite Photos of March 2012

Wohoo!  I'm finally caught up!  Here are my favorite photos from March 2012.  You can see my February and January favorites here and here.

Justin and Charlotte making a race car at the monthly Home Depot Kid's Workshop.  I'm not sure if Justin is tired or frustrated but I find this photo hilarious.  :)

We have had a difficult time potty training.  Charlotte goes through moments of being on board with the whole idea and other moments of complete and utter rejection.  Here she is trying the potty (once again) while reading her book.

Unraveled toilet paper.  Busy bee indeed.

We drove up to Boston to visit one of my dearest friends and her adorable baby boy.  So great catching up! 

Pushing puppy around.

This might be my all time favorite photo.  Justin inadvertently built Charlotte a fort while pulling off her sheets for the wash. She was SO EXCITED!

At the park.  On the swing.  Content.

Trying on her hat first thing in the morning with Daddy.

Aw, my little lounger.  She's probably watching Dora.  :)


Justin was pretending to take photos of Charlotte with a block and here she is posing with Puppy and George.  

Coloring is very serious business, especially when you are wearing bunny ears.  This is at the MWR Easter Festival on base.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. That first one cracks me up! She is s sweet! I think you and Justin need some photos of the two of you as well! :) great pics and I love this idea!

    1. Maybe I should teach Charlotte how to take photos. :) Thanks, Melissa!

  2. OhMyGosh.. I predict that the second photo will be a favorite to show future suitors in years to come!

  3. that is a funny pic!!! i could totally see my husband doing that ;) charlotte is so cute


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