Friday, April 27, 2012

Month of the Military Child

I have a military child.  Sadly, I did not even realize that April is the Month of the Military Child until I read this touching blog post by Stephanie Howell.  It wasn't long before I was hysterically weeping; it was as if I was reading about my future.

As we prepare to move once again and quickly approach our first deployment with Charlotte, Justin and I are bracing to prepare Charlotte for an onslaught of change - moving cross country, new school, new house, absent dad. 

Last week, our household goods pack out took away Charlotte's polka dot chair, bike, sheets, most of her toys and books.  Each morning, Charlotte and I will have a conversation somewhere along these lines:

Mommy, where my [insert missing item, e.g., polka dot chair]? 

It's going to San Diego, sweetie.  

Then, without even a pause to process any of the information, she begins to sob, collapse onto the floor, and scream:


The following words also trigger similar reactions:  airplane, move, new house, California.  Charlotte started having night terrors the night the movers took away the boxes.  If you ask her where Daddy is (when Justin isn't in the room), she'll point to her heart.  

It doesn't seem fair sometimes.  It feels more like a cruel initiation process into the military family.  But regardless of whether or not it's fair, it is our reality.  We do it because we love Daddy.  And Daddy does it because he loves this country.  


  1. Van I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Just thinking about it makes me cry. We've been lucky that Trevor hasn't deployed since we had Brianna and hopefully he'll be getting out before it's an issue again. If you every need someone to talk to I'm here.

  2. I feel you. Hunter just got reslated and the detailer hung up on him after she quickly told him the change. Still in the same homeport but who knows what the report date will be. I'm just hoping he can make the girls' Baptism!

  3. You are so incredibly strong Van. You will do what is right in Justin's absence and Charlotte will have no doubt how very much she is loved no matter where she, her daddy or you are. Much love<3

  4. <3 you sweet lady. You are so amazing. All of you.

  5. Thanks for this post Van. We have friends that recently got orders overseas, and I just met a family that has moved the first time with kids (under orders). This helps me see a little more of what they are going through. I will be praying your move goes smoothly. Luckily you are moving back to somewhat familiar "territory" so hopefully that will help both of you!


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