Friday, April 12, 2013

Aloha Friday - Easter Recap and Hikes to Ka'ena Point and Aiea Loop

Aloha Friday!!!  And what an amazingly stunning and beautiful Friday it is!  And without further ado, here is what we've been up to in this island paradise these past two weeks!  Note: Photos are totally unedited and post-processed.  Sorry!!

1.  Ship Easter Party.  I try to cram in as many Easter Eggs hunts as humanly possible during this time of year.  First, we went to a fantastic Easter Egg hunt hosted by the Family Readiness Group for Justin's ship.  Charlotte had a blast at the arts and crafts table and playing with her friends.

2.  Easter Morning.  And the Easter Bunny went all out at our house Easter morning.

3.  Easter Brunch at the O Club.  We then headed out to the O Club for Easter Brunch and some gorgeous views of Pearl Harbor.

4.  Princess Bike.  So as an incentive to get Charlotte using the potty again, we told her that if she didn't have any accidents for 15 days, she could get a new princess bike (which she needed anyways).  Oh my goodness, she LOVED putting the bike together with Daddy.

The next morning, thought, I asked Charlotte, "Sweetie, do you need to go to the potty."  Her response: "No thank you.  I already got my princess bicycle."  DUH!!!  :)

5.  Fireworks over Waikiki.  Every Friday night, there are fireworks at the lagoon in Waikiki (at 7:45 if anyone is interested).  Charlotte loved playing in the sand while waiting for the fireworks!

6.  Ka'ena Point.  We started to hike to Ka'ena Point from the North Short (just past Dillingham Field).  But sadly, since we had a committment that night, didn't make it all the way to the end.  Maybe next time.  Regardless, we still loved the gorgeous views of the water and had a short lunch break on our own little private beach.  Seriously stunning.

7.  Aiea Loop Trail.  This 4.8 mile hike to look down onto the H3 (the most expensive interstate in the country - that's right, Hawaii has interstates) was BRUTAL.  Not because the hike was hard but because it was so ridiculously long with the kids especially.  Checked that one off the list and so not doing it again.  :)

8.  CHE CHE IS HERE!!!  And finally, we got an awesome call yesterday afternoon that one of our dear dear friends (Justin's best friend) was pulling into Honolulu for a few hours (the ship is en route home after an 8 month deployment).  So last night was all about catching up over beer and cards.  :)

Whew!  That was a long one.  I guess we've been busy.  :)  As always, mahalo for stopping by!!


  1. What a lovely post! You have a beautiful family and your daughter really cracked me up with that "No thanks...." line. Out of the mouths of babes!

  2. I love the picture you took from outside your garage looking in at Justin and Charlotte working on her bike. Too precious. You have quite a lot of adventures since you've been there! Sounds like a fun place to be!

  3. I love seeing what you are all up to in paradise! Thanks for posting! The scenery photos are truly breathtaking!


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