Friday, May 31, 2013

Tutorial - Glow in the Dark Stars

Those who follow this blog know how much I absolutely adore my Xyron adhesive machines for everything from scrapbook layouts to craft projects with Charlotte.  I was reading this Fancy Nancy book to Charlotte the other night and it got me thinking...hey, I can make glow in the dark stars!  So if you want to make your as well, here's a little tutorial.

You will need the following supplies:  Cardstock, Xyron 2.5" Create-a-Sticker (Permanent Adhesive and Repositional Adhesive), Glow in the Dark Glitter.

1.  Cut Out Star Shapes.  Either by hand or using some sort of die cutting machine, cut out star shapes from the cardstock.  I used these Xyron/ Spellbinder Dies and ran a few pieces of scrap cardstock through my Xyron Creatopia - Shapez Component.

2.  Adhere Permanent Adhesive on Stars.  Using a Xyron machine fitted with permanent adhesive (I used my 2.5" Create-a-Sticker), cover each star shape with adhesive.

3.  Cover Stars with Glitter.  Carefully peel each sticker off of the backing and then cover with glitter.  For some tips on how to do this, check out this Xyron Video.

4.  Adhere Repositional Adhesive on Stars.  Finally, adhere repositional adhesive on the non glittered side of each star.  I used my Xyron 5" Creative Station with Repositional Adhesive but Xyron makes repositional adhesive cartridges for almost all of their machines.  Also, remember to place the glittered side of the star facing up.  This effectively creates a wall sticker!!

5.  Adhere Stickers to Wall.  Finally, stick those stars onto the wall...

...and turn off the lights!  Glow in the Dark Stars!!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

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