Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blue Star Families and Disney Host Books on Bases Event in Hawaii

This past Sunday, I was beyond honored and excited to volunteer at a Books on Bases event hosted by Blue Star Families and Disney.  The Books on Bases Event was created by Blue Star Families to impact military children in a positive way through the power of reading.  And since April was the Month of the Military Child, the timing could not have been more perfect.

Volunteers were on deck from both Blue Star Families and Disney.

The event kicked off with a special reading by Deputy Joint Base Commander Colonel Dann S. Carlson and Disney Aulani Director of Public Affairs, Todd Apo of Billy Twitters and the Blue Whale Problem.  The children were so engaged during story time!  It also highlights what amazing work Blue Star Families does to broker relationships between the military and private companies to help military children.

Each child then picked up a generous goodie bag filled with pencils, puzzles, and a DVD of Pixar's Meet the Robinsons. 

I saw my beautiful friend Michelle at the event with her kids!

The children walked past table after table overflowing with books, ranging from board books to chapter books.  Along with a copy of Billy Twitters and the Blue Whale Problem, each child got to select four brand new books to take home.  I was genuinely blown away about how generous the sponsors were with the gifts.

There were plenty of craft tables nearby for kids of all ages.  There was a bookmark making station...

A table to make your own crowns...

And of course, to go with your crown, a station to make your own paper swords...

Everyone was also super surprised and excited when some special guests showed up...

Micky and Minnie stayed for the entirety of the event so that everyone could get a picture with them.  How nice is that?!?  Here is a shot of a family posing with Micky and Minnie.

And a photo of the adult VIPs with Mickey and Minnie.

And gosh golly gee, I had to get a photo too!!!  I'm posing with Benjamin and Alyssa (a daughter's friend and amazing volunteer).

Alyssa also helped me with Benjamin during the event.  Here are the two of them getting a little snuggle in amidst all the chaos.  This young woman blew me away with how hard she worked supervising the crown craft table on her own.  Go Alyssa!!!

And finally, here I am with Meghan Scott, Program Manager for Blue Star Families and coordinator for the entire event.  She flew all the way in from Alaska to bring this event to Hawaii!!

Thank you Blue Star Families for coming all the way out to Hawaii to bring so much love to the military children stationed here!  I had a BLAST volunteering!

And if you aren't familiar with them, make sure to check out the Blue Star Families facebook page and "like" them.  They work directly with government, companies, and the military to help make military life for military families sustainable.  Seriously fantastic work on so many levels.

As always, mahalo for stopping by!


  1. Wow! What an amazing event! And PS - I LOVE your picture watermark! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Cristine! And glad you like the watermark. I'm just playing around. The image is from Splendid Fiins. Love everything that Nisa Fiin designs!


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