Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cross Country Chronicles - Part 1

Here's an overview of where we've been so far...

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We left San Diego dark and early on Tuesday morning, as planned.  It took Charlotte a while to fall back asleep as we made our way to Arizona.  While driving along Interstate 8, we saw the sun rise.

Day One.  Mile 173.  Yuma, Arizona.  We briefly stopped in Yuma for some breakfast and park time for Charlotte.  While at a gas station, I got this shot of Charlotte in the back of the car.  Let me just say that our SUV is fully loaded.

Day One Continued.  Mile 369.  Scottsdale, Arizona.  Despite being exhausted, we somehow rallied and made the 3 pm tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West.

This was our first ever visit to any of the Wright homes and it was really interesting.  The home actually reminded me a lot of my old college dorm, Morse College, with the Arizona boulders tumbled in with concrete.

The structure of the home was built by combining boulders with concrete and other river rocks.

Wright called this "organic architecture."  We Morsels affectionately called it "peanut brittle architecture."  :)  Regardless, I think I was most shocked by how well behaved Charlotte was despite the 100 plus degree heat. 

Day Two.  Mile 465.  Sedona, Arizona.  One of our main stops for the day was Red Rock State Park.  It is a stunning area with some short hikes and breathtaking views of the Sedona landscape.

While the temperature was still close to unbearable, we were able to eek in a very short walk around the visitor center.  I think Charlotte was the cutest little hiker in the entire park.

We also briefly stopped at Oak Creek Canyon for some beautiful views.

Day Two Continued.  Mile 505.  Flagstaff, Arizona.  As many of you know, Charlotte was born in Flagstaff almost two years ago.  So a visit to this gorgeous town would not be complete without bringing some cookies and sweets to the amazing doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses at the Special Care Nursery.  They took such amazing care of Charlotte during her first two weeks of life and will always have an amazingly special place in our heart.  Thankfully, a number of people who actually took care of Charlotte were in the hospital today and remembered us as soon as we walked in the door.  Lots of love, hugs and laughs were exchanged.  Happy Day.

And in case you missed it, the Introduction to the Cross Country Chronicles can be found here

Tomorrow morning, we head to Albuquerque, New Mexico!! 


  1. Van, I love reading about your adventures! And I'm so impressed with all that you are working into your cross country road trip. You really are turning it into an adventure (with great sights and stories along the way) instead of just driving non-stop. I love it and can't wait to hear what you do next. I only wish I lived near your route so I could meet you!

  2. Oooh! I love Talisan West! My mom's family all lives within a dozen miles or so of there, so I've been a couple times. I'm excited to watch your adventure, it's been a couple years since my last cross country trip, you're starting up that old wanderlust itch in my feet! Any chance you'll be coming through central New York?

  3. What a great road trip you are having so far! I lived in Scottsdale/Phoenix for 6 years and never made it to Taliesin West! I LOVE Sedona too. SO beautiful! Can't wait to see where else you stop!

  4. Love love love love love! Thank you for keeping us up to date!!

  5. Thanks for all the lovely, comments! Julie - I just hope that Charlotte may one day look back at these photos and appreciate the adventure. And next time we go cross country, I'll have to swing by for a visit! Kristy - I didn't know you had family in AZ too! Would love to come to NY at some point and cook again!! Heather - I didn't know you lived in AZ either! So pretty (but a bit too hot). :)

  6. Ahh, this post takes me back to my old stomping grounds. (I grew up in Scottsdale.) My aunt used to live out near Taliesin West and I used to drive by it all the time. Charlotte might not remember this trip when she gets older, but having pictures from this adventure will be so fun for her to look at.

  7. PS Growing up in Scottsdale, I became SUCH a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. His influence is all over that area.

  8. Christine, I had no idea you grew up in Scottsdale. Very cool indeed!!!

  9. Grrr...I just realized I spelled your name wrong. I meant Cristine. Sorry!!!! :)


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