Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello Thursday - Goodbye Big Firm

Big Announcement.  Well, maybe not since most of you probably already know this.  But regardless, here goes...

I am no longer a big firm lawyer. 

Yesterday was my last day at the big firm.  Kindove exciting.  Kindove scary.  But I think that it was the right time and the right move.  And in all honesty, much of the decision was out of my hands.  Justin is getting relocated to Newport, Rhode Island so we will be moving back east for a few months.  But nothing like having someone push you into the pool to learn how to swim.

I still hope to practice one day.  And maybe I'll find a bit more time to craft.  But it is definitely certain that Charlotte will be a lot happier.  She's gonna be one tough boss to please.

I snapped some photos the other day of my walk into work.  My co-workers laughed at me.  But I knew that I wanted to scrapbook these images one day. 

I would drive through this sentry to park on the navy base every day.  Saved me $200/ month in parking.  Plus it was nice to take a little walk into the office every morning.

One America Plaza.  My office was on the 16th floor.

This is the San Diego train station.  Super convenient because one of our pro bono clients used to take the train down from LA to prep for her asylum trial and we could just walk across the street to pick her up.  She, by the way, is now a permanent U.S. resident.  :)

Walking along Broadway.  On the right hand side is actually an SDSU art gallery in the city.  I never did get to go inside to look around...

This was the LONGEST light ever. office.

And my desk.  I'm sure it's all gone by now too.  :)
And this morning, instead of driving into work and taking that daily walk, this is who I saw...

Let the new chapter of my life begin...


  1. Congrats Van! It is a big decision, but you seem confident and calm about it. Your new boss looks pretty happy and is very cute! :)

  2. Hooray for Newport! You'll be a day trip away from boston

  3. Looks like your new morning partner is pretty happy with the new changes in your lives!!!!! Very happy for you and your family Van!!!!

  4. I agree with Cathryn. :) The short bosses are always the most demanding, but the rewards are much, much sweeter. :) Congratulations on the next chapter, friend!

  5. Congratulations on this huge change! I must say your boss is quite charming :)

  6. Thanks for all the warm wishes, everyone! The new boss is certainly charming but demanding as well. But I think it will all work out in the end. Lots of hugs to everyone!!! :)

  7. Awesome! How exciting!

  8. I am excited for this big change for you and your family. Thanks for the tour!

  9. Janel and Misty, thanks for the lovely comments! We already have some adventures under our belts!


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