Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Weeks

Late Friday night, Justin came home.  He spent the last nine weeks in Virginia for training.  Now, he's home for about two weeks before deployment.  It might only be two weeks but he's home.  And we are so amazingly grateful.

Here are some photos of Justin and Charlotte when we met him at the airport.  

Charlotte had her hands wrapped around Justin's neck the entire time and couldn't stop just stroking his face or patting his back.  

At one point, while I had my head on my his shoulder, she pushed me off and gave me a pretty mean glare.  Aw, that's my girl.  :)

On Sunday, Justin and I attended a friend's wedding while Charlotte got to hang out with Pappy and Grammy.  It was smiles all weekend for our entire little family.

Justin, you are certainly loved.  :)


  1. So heartwarming and beautiful!!!!

  2. You're still the best looking couple I know!


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