Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Bulldog

So this weekend wasn't as jam-packed as the others, which was a welcome change.  There was still lots to do though.  There was an extended family bonfire at Coronado Beach (which we only attended for about an hour before Charlotte insisted on going home).  We had a family photo session at Balboa Park (after the second time my photographer rescheduled on me).  My little brother flew back to college so I sent him away with some fresh baked white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies.  And daddy installed a brand new ceiling fan (painted to match the walls) in Charlotte's nursery.  Wohoo!!

But the real reason for this post, I needed to show you photos of Charlotte in her baby bulldog onesie.  Bulldogs, woof, bulldogs, woof, bow wow wow...Eli Yale!!!
My little bulldog!!!
Look at how happy she is to be a bulldog!


  1. Chi Hieu, Charlotte looks so much like Cuong for some reason. She is growing so fast!

  2. Maybe the spiky hair makes her look like Uncle Cuong. :) Boola boola, indeed!


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