Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleepy Time

Oh what a weekend.  So starting a few weeks ago, Charlotte decided to stop sleeping.  She would be up 4-6 times every night and I felt like I had a newborn all over again!  I was tired and grumpy and didn't know what to do.  Some of my friends told me about "sleep training" but the thought of letting Charlotte cry to sleep was just unbearable.  Then on Friday night, exhausted and without any answers, Justin and I somehow agreed to try our modified version of sleep training.  Justin would be in charge while I sat on the other side of the house with the TV on.  Even with the TV muffling the sound of Charlotte's shrills, I still cried. It's night number three and we're still in the process of "sleep training" our little girl.  Justin insists that she's getting better and at the end of this whole process, it will result in a happy mommy and happier baby.  But this weekend, Charlotte was definitely pissed off at us.  She was mad. 

She was especially needy all weekend, demanding to be held the entire time.  She would glare at us a little bit more and require a lot more entertainment before she would even crack a smile.  Ugh, it was terrible and I kept thinking to myself - is this all really worth it?  But I spoke with my sister tonight and she said, once you've committed to sleep training, you have to stick to it.  And yes, she said, Charlotte is definitely pissed off at you and needs reassurance that we still love her.  Oi.  Please tell me I'm not a bad mommy...will keep you posted on how it all works out (i.e. if I crack and let her come back to sleep in our bed).

Anyways, lots of photos to share this week. 

So our good friends, who have a little boy only a week younger than Charlotte, moved this weekend.  They're having a year-long adventure in Europe!  So sad!!!  But thankfully, they were able to squeeze us in for one final play date after the movers packed up all their stuff away.
Charlotte and baby Jackson.  

Charlotte is definitely sitting upright now.  Now she just has to figure out crawling.  She can roll over like a rock star and can scoot herself backwards.  No forward movement yet though.

Charlotte sitting up!!!

And Charlotte had her very first experience in the pool this weekend too.  She started enjoying the bath a lot more so we figured it was a good time to take her for a dip, since it's been so hot.  She seemed to enjoy it, especially splashing around.  She was done after about 10 minutes though.  :)


  1. We need to consider sleep training. Charlie needs some serious bouncing before he even gets tired enough to consider falling asleep. I've tried some sleep training, but just can't take him crying. He's too young to feel so sad!

  2. Van, you are an awesome, great, hot mama!!

  3. Sorry for the SUPER belated responses here. Pioneer woman also reminded me to appreciate and love my readers. It's pretty to easy to do that when my readers are also my friends. :) Jess, Charlies is definiteily too young to sleep train!!! You gotta do what's best for you and your family and that's definitely different for everyone! And Karen, you're too funny. Come visit me in San Diego!!!


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