Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Toys and Family Time

As Charlotte is getting a bit older, there isn't much that can distract her for too long before she needs to be walked around, played with or otherwise entertained.  In the past, she could lay on her play may for hours!  But now that she can roll over like a rock star, those days are long gone.  Currently, she is love with this baby activity seat that my sister gave us from her kids. 

I also got these Edushape Sensory Balls during a recent trip to Costco and Charlotte LOVES them.  She loves to eat them, roll them, see them bounce - it's definitely a keeper.  It's also nice to see an immediate reaction from her with them...unlike Raffi the Giraffe.  I got this as an impulse buy on my birthday (and in my defense, on sale) but Charlotte is clearly too young for the rocking giraffe.  But it's still super adorable and matches her nursery.  :)

So we had another super busy weekend.  Instead of traveling around town to visit the sites, we visited family and friends.  Charlotte and I had a play date with my good friend and co-worker on Saturday afternoon at her place in downtown.  I'm beginning to notice that Charlotte is getting more and more anxious around strangers but thankfully she was on her absolute best behavior!  So no tears there!

Afterward, we headed to Coronado to visit Grand Pappy and Uncle Adam (and since Justin had a regatta out of the Coronado Yacht Club, he just met us at his dad's house).  Dad made some especially tasty spaghetti and meatballs and then just played with Charlotte. 

Charlotte with Grand Pappy, Dad and Uncle Adam.
On Sunday, we spent time with my family.  Since my little brother is home for a few more days, my mom wanted me to take family photos of everyone (we are now up to 15 people - that's including all the spouses and grand kids).  My mom made yummy pho and I brought over some chocolate pound cake.  It was a gorgeous day so I ended up with some pretty decent photos.  And Charlotte loves being around other kids and wouldn't stop squealing while her cousins were running around her.

I imagine that she'll look at us like that again when she's a teenager.  :)
Charlotte trying to grab her uncle's necklace.

The ladies in the family. 
Another excellent weekend.  Now, I just have to get through this week...


  1. I seriously love it too. It has three buttons too that play music, sing the ABCs, and counts to 10. I mean, it's basically a substitute parent!

  2. such a beautiful family! love your pictures, Van! :)


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